re-converting illegal oil palm to rainforest
Visiting Halaban in the Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra, we witnessed the reversal of illegal oil palm plantation back into natural forest
from palm oil to high value by-product?
Can nutrients be extracted from crude palm oil and used to create a higher value by-product, rather than destined for a down-cycled secondary stream?
decarbonize to represent retailers on soy
Retailers' Soy Group meets for first time

buzz - see what decarbonize is saying

  • “Decarbonize’s recommendations reduced the company’s direct carbon footprint by 64%, mainly through freight transport changes”
    Product Safety Director, CPL Aromas
  • “Decarbonize introduced growth stage equity investors to OneWorld”
    OneWorld Energy
  • “Decarbonize has been instrumental in the development of Intelligent Engineering’s understanding of how to assess and manage the through-life impacts of its products”
    Director, Intelligent Engineering